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Hyundai Development Company Achieves 100% Sales for Chuncheon Lake City I-Park


- Chuncheon Lake City I-Park achieves 100% contract completion.

- Total of 874 units across 7 buildings, ranging from 63 to 138 square meters, spanning from underground 3rd floor to above ground 32nd floor.

- A premium brand residential complex in Chuncheon area with waterfront views, adjacent to various leisure, cultural, convenience, and transportation infrastructures.


Hyundai Development Company has achieved 100% contract completion for Chuncheon Lake City I-Park, located in Samcheondong, Chuncheon City. Following the closing of the first-round application last month, all units were sold within 10 days of the contract opening.

Chuncheon Lake City I-Park experienced a rapid and successful sales process, with 80% of the units being contracted during the legitimate contract period of 3 days. Subsequently, all units were fully contracted during the secondary contract phase, indicating high demand and customer interest.


The project attracted considerable attention due to being a major brand "I-Park" development in Chuncheon, after a significant period without such offerings in the area. The complex's floor plans were designed according to regional preferences and offer a variety of options, from smaller to larger units. The complex focuses on providing residents with a comfortable living environment, offering spacious landscaping areas and an average of 1.53 parking spaces per unit. Special features such as all-glass balconies were also incorporated to maximize the views.


Chuncheon Lake City I-Park consists of a total of 874 units across 7 buildings, spanning from underground 3rd floor to above ground 32nd floor, with unit sizes ranging from 63 to 138 square meters. The complex is scheduled for completion in August 2026. The project's prime location and the well-designed floor plans contributed to its success in the market. The complex's vicinity includes various leisure facilities such as parks and cultural attractions, as well as convenience facilities like large marts and government offices. Additionally, it benefits from good transportation accessibility, including proximity to train stations and upcoming transportation infrastructure improvements.

Hyundai Development Company emphasized that the success of Chuncheon Lake City I-Park was attributed to its unique design and excellent location. The company aims to establish the development as a landmark in the region, providing a safe and pride-inducing living environment for its residents.