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Value system

HDC deliver an affluent life and a reliable world
What is the best way to give customers full satisfaction and great impression to a whole new level?
What can we do to help customers enjoy culture and live a dignified and happy life?
HDC’s interest is focused on customers affluent life.
To help customers feel the love of the family and live a joyful life in a comfortable setting,
shop pleasantly while enjoying various brands in one space,
replace our environment with new materials which are efficient and environment-friendly,
and make them feel special with our thoughtful consideration and sincere service,
HDC is making its own Urban Life Style.
HDC’s core values include Management of Principle, execution, innovation, originality, customer-centeredness, insight and passion.
HDC regards Management of Principle, thinking and acting properly according to principles, as the core value having the utmost importance.
We clearly understand and keep the promises we must fulfill, make sure that the process is transparent and share the results clearly.
We also practice honesty and truthfulness in everything we do.
HDC’s second core value is to make specific plans and scrupulously execute them.
HDC undertakes thorough plans to succeed, and we push our way through once we make a decision.
In addition, we pursue a corporate culture of constant challenges.
Innovation leading endless changes is a value pursued by HDC. 
HDC is always aware of the changes in the world, and always questions conventional ways. This is the method that HDC has in mind.
We are evolving into the most innovative organization by making preparations a step ahead and transforming flexibly.
HDC is competing in a way different than others. HDC aims to lead the world with HDC’s products, assets and values.
Not limiting any possibilities and going beyond the expectations, seeking creative destruction without evaluating them with conventional ideas. 
This is HDC’s originality and corporate culture.
HDC believes that it exists because of customers, and all employees of HDC are connected to customers.
Firmly believing that our values come from customers’ happiness,
we are trying to look through their eyes and feel with their hearts.
HDC’s insight is pursuing balance and harmony from a grander perspective.
We respect diversity and communication with caring hearts.
All of us in the Group join hands in execution, fulfill the social responsibilities,
and grow together with the local community.
With passion, which precedes all of the above,
HDC makes a more affluent life and a reliable world.