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We translate the value-oriented investment philosophy into reality
with a long-term investment strategy

HDC Assets
HDC Asset Management was founded in 2000 as an I Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. The company is managed responsibly with separated ownership and management for securing transparent asset management and autonomous decision making. Moreover, it has established an advanced operating system and an asset management system that satisfies global standards. The name of the company was changed to HDC Asset Management in 2012. We pursue win-win cooperation by forming partnerships with major fund investors: for example, HDC Asset Management is selected as a company managing the stock portion of the Government Employee Pension and the bond portion of MOLIT. In 2012, the company changed its name to HDC Asset Management and pursued win-win cooperation by forming partnerships with major fund investors. Additionally, HDC Asset Management responds flexibly to the rapidly changing financial market. For example, it established the first REITs after receiving the REITs AMC accreditation in 2017. It also diversifies investment forms and business areas to generate stable revenue.